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The best athletes are always looking to find an edge on their opponent to come out as champions in the
end. Being an exceptional soccer player comes at a very high cost, that cost being sweat and hard work.
Training and crafting your technique and skills is not easy, especially in unfavorable conditions. The
summer is one of the times where athletes are looking to gain their edge and become the standout.
Being out of school and having more free time presents serious soccer players with an opportunity to
work extra hours and become significantly better in a short amount of time. Although, if you live in a
place like Saint George, Utah, the summer throws 110-degree afternoons at you. While it is very
important to be safe and smart when training in heat like this, you can’t let environmental
circumstances halt your progression.

So, what are some things you can do to develop your skills and beat the summer heat?

  1. Train early in the morning!
    a. It’s important that you continue getting lots of touches and ball work in, even when it’s
    hot. The way to avoid training in the heat is to wake up when the sun comes out and do
    your training when it’s cooler outside.
  2. Watch film on yourself and professional soccer players!
    a. Having good soccer knowledge is paramount for any successful player. The way to
    develop this aspect of your game is to watch the professionals and study them and their
    tendencies. Then, watch yourself and your own tendencies. Adapt your game to look
    more like the professionals.
  3. Do ball work and juggling in your house or on your porch.
    a. Practicing and developing your touch doesn’t take much equipment or space. It requires
    a ball, and that’s about it. Practice your juggling with or without shoes! Try not to break
  4. Swim!
    a. Swimming is an excellent workout and a great way to maintain your fitness and build
    muscle. While you swim you will be giving your entire body a good workout while also
    having fun and staying cool.
  5. Practice a healthy lifestyle!
    a. Go to bed early so you can wake up early the next morning. At least 8 hours is
    recommended for everyone, athletes need even more! Always keep a water bottle with
    you and stay hydrated throughout the day.

The summer is a perfect time for soccer players to grow their abilities and go into the next season sharp
and in-form. Don’t let the heat of summer make you a worse soccer player. Whether you’re in the heat
of Saint George or New York City, there are ways to train and get better despite harsh circumstances.

Take the challenge and beat the heat.