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Striving for excellence is a constant pursuit for every football virtuoso out there. Identifying one's weaknesses on the field, then putting in the time and effort to eradicate them, is the cornerstone of self-improvement. But here's the catch – your perception of your shortcomings rarely matches your coach's point of view. What you believe needs improvement is almost never what your coaches think you should work on.

Here's a fun exercise I often do: I ask a player to tell me two areas they believe need improvement. Then, I follow it up with: “Tell me two things your coach would say you need to work on.” The responses? They are never identical.

Coachability is the top attribute that recruiters look for. It's not just about how well you play the game currently, but more importantly, it's about your potential to evolve into the player they need you to be.

A straightforward way to pinpoint your shortcomings is by simply asking. Consider the top 3-4 coaches, trainers, or parents who observe you play the most and ask them, “What are the two things you think I need to improve to enhance my game?”

Prepare to be taken aback as you'll find their answers are almost consistently similar.

Embrace humility and take note, for if greatness is what you aspire for, rectifying these issues is fundamental to your future success as a player.

Remember, this exercise isn't a one-time deal but something to be repeated as often as possible. The perspectives of others can provide invaluable insights into your personal growth journey.